Available dates are to be found in the calendar. The prices are different on different days - and shown with different colors in the calendar.

The date shown are the date you arrive the cabin.  The Elgtårn is at your disposal from 4.00 PM the day of arrival until 01.00 PM the day of departure.

Already booked dates are marked red.  Dates not available for booking due to owners use is marked with grey.

We recommend you to book long time in advance if you want to stay in the Elgtårn during the weekends or in the main school holidays.  The dates outside the weekends and the main school holidays are normally less expensive, and it is normally easier to find vacant dates.


It is not possible to make provisional reservations, only booking. An invoice will be send within 1-3 days after you have booked.
If cancellation or change of dates more than 21 days upon arrival we give you a full refund except for a cancellation/change fee of NOK 300,-.
If changes in your booking between 21 to 7 days upon arrival we will give you a refund of 50% of prepaid amount. Changes less than 7 days upon arrival gives no refund. If you have to cancel due to illness or other reasons we recommend you to check in advance if your travel insurance will cover that.


We process all orders manually and bill you shortly after we have received the form below on our mail.
We try to check the mail at least once a day.
You will receive an order confirmation in a separate mail and invoice in another mail. There is a billing fee of kr. 44, - which covers the costs associated with this.

Bookingskjema / BOOKING FORM

Fyll ut og send inn / Fill out and send.

Foto: Sjur Sande

Navn på kontaktpersonen for oppholdet
Adressen vi skal sende fakturaen for oppholdet til.
Ankomstdato / Arrival date *
Ankomstdato / Arrival date
Dato for start på oppholdet. Tårnet er ledig fra kl 16.00 denne datoen. Angi datoen som dato, måned, år
Avreisedato / Departure date *
Avreisedato / Departure date
Gjester har Elgtårnet til kl 13. avreisedagen.